Ekol Stoves 5 Year Guarantee

      Ekol stoves are designed and built to a very high standard with a thorough quality control process. Stoves are prepared at our site in Dorset by our skilled team. In the unlikely event of a problem all our stoves have a standard 12 month warranty. This does not need to be registered - however, please retain your Proof of Purchase (Invoice or Receipt showing which retailer it was purchsed from) and the Installation Certificate (e.g. HETAS, OFTEC or Building Control). The warranty begins from the date of purchase.


In addition to the standard warranty we offer, at no cost, the option to extend the warranty period to a total of 5 years. To register for the extended warranty please either click the Registration link at the bottom of this page or email us a copy/image/scan of the Proof of Purchase (e.g. receipt or invoice showing which retailer the stove was purchased from) plus a copy/image/scan of the Installation Certificate (e.g. HETAS / OFTEC / Building Control) - please send these within 45 days of the original purchase to sales@saltfire.co.uk . When we receive these documents we will reply and confirm your extended warranty is registered. Please call us if you have any questions or reuire any help (01929 555211).

This warranty covers manufacturing defects or faults in the stove body. Ekol Stoves will repair or replace defective items expediently in our factory workshops. 
The customer is responsible for costs of removal/installation and postage/shipping plus any other incidental costs incurred in their own property. 

The stove must have been purchased new from an Ekol Stoves supplier or directly from Ekol Stoves. Please keep proof of purchase - sales receipt or invoice.

The warranty is non-transferable and relates to the original installation only and for the benefit of the original purchaser. 

The stove must only be used for the intended purposes in accordance to the operating instructions and installation manual. 

Only the correct types of fuel are burned in the stove. Burning of inappropriate fuels such as Bituminous coal, “Petro-Coke” or any other Petroleum based coals will invalidate the warranty. 

Your stove must be installed in accordance with all current Building Regulations. Please keep receipt of installation from the installer or Building Control approval notice. Please note contact details of installer. 

You must retain proof of purchase and proof of competent installation i.e. Installer certificate with HETAS number or local Building Control Approval notice. 

The stove must be serviced annually by a suitable trained and qualified person. Please retain service records and receipts. 

The chimney/flue should be swept at least annually. Please retain service records and receipts.

Excluded from the warranty:

Consumable items are not covered by the warranty – these include glass, door and glass rope seals, paintwork, internal lining plates / firebricks, baffles, retaining bars and grates. These are deemed to be customer replaceable items – please contact your local stockist or call us direct for consumable items and spare parts. 

Any damage caused by incorrect use of the stove or use of non-recommended fuels. 

Any damage caused by external factors such as incorrect installation of flues or plumbing systems. 

Costs associated with the removal and re-installation of an appliance subject to a warranty claim is not covered under the warranty. 

Consequential loss relating to decorations, soft furnishings or other household assets is not covered under the warranty.

Note on painted surfaces:

Damage to the paint surface caused by the appliance being stored in a damp and cold environment is not covered under warranty. Please be aware that any moisture within the room where the stove is stored/installed e.g. through clothes drying, can be a cause of paint issues. 

During the initial firings of the appliance, the paint surface may change colour. This is normal and is therefore not covered under warranty. 

Through normal use, the paint surface finish may continue to change over time and may require a touch up/repaint. This practice is normal, and as such is not covered under warranty. 

Damage caused by over firing, resulting in cracking, bubbling or discolouration to the paint surface finish is not covered under warranty.


If you have purchased an Ekol Stove please click here to register your extended warranty.