Ekol Clarity AutoBlaze

 Price: £1699 Standard height, £1799 High height






AutoBlaze – the Integrated Stove Ignition System

AutoBlaze is a quick, instant lighting system for wood burning stoves. It’s convenient and easy to use – just close the door, flick the AutoBlaze switch and you’re off. There’s no need to start with kindling, and no need for paper or chemical lighters. As well as being clean and safe, it’s also a great solution for ‘cold flu’ installations or poor draft.


Stove with automatic lighting - simply put your logs in, close the door, press the button, within 5 minutes the logs will be alight.


  • Safe and convenient, 
  • No more matches,
  • No more paper,
  • No more firelighters,
  • No more kindling,
  • No more smokey start-up,


Also is a great help if you have a short or cold chimney that makes it difficult to get a fire going.


Sit back and relax while your fire starts itself.


More information can be found on the AutoBlaze website here:







Latest patented technology, fully delveloped and tested in the UK.