Ekol Clarity Vision - BIOETHANOL

Price: £1444 Standard height, £1644 High height


Our best-selling Ekol Clarity Vision (the wide-bodied 5kW model) stove now has a Bio-ethanol fuel option

This can be ordered with the stove or as a later “upgrade”. 
The precision laser cut stainless steel burner tray has been designed to specifically suit this stove. With this option the customer can easily and quickly switch between bio-ethanol or wood (when connected to a normal flue), or, the stove be used as a completely free-standing appliance with no chimney required if only burning the liquid fuel. 
Bio-ethanol is a very clean fuel only emitting a tiny amount of water vapour as a by-product. 
Heat output is approx. 1.5kW so ideal as a “background” heat, or maybe during spring/summer evenings for the ambience of a real flame but with less heat requirement.
Alternatively, you can choose this model if you want the look and feel of a woodburner but do not want a chimney or flue system installed. When using bioethanol no flue is required.